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Born: March of 1998
Location: Chicago, IL

Current lineup:

Captor: Guitar (1998-present), Vocals (2007-present), Bass (studio/live 2015-2016) +++ Rust In Hell (2016), Past Battles (2015/2001/2000), Rust In Hell (2014), Rivers of Blood/Feed Them to the Wolves (2009), Shield of Hate (2004), Storms of Apocalypse (2001), Marching Towards Armageddon (2000)

Spector: Guitar (2014-present) +++ Rust In Hell (2016), Rust In Hell (2014), Rivers of Blood (2009)

Magnus: Drums (2016-present), Drums/Bass (2009), Reunion show (2005), Vocals/Guitar (1998-2000) +++ Past Battles (2015/2000), Rivers of Blood/Feed Them to the Wolves (2009), Storms of Apocalypse (2001), Marching Towards Armageddon (2000)

Evil Pope: Bass (2017-present), (1998-2004) +++ Past Battles (2015/2001/2000), Shield of Hate (2004), Storms of Apocalypse (2001), Marching Towards Armageddon (2000)


Past Warriors:

Wraith: Drums (2014-2016) +++ Rust In Hell (2016), Rust In Hell (2014)

Lesath: Guitar (2016) +++ Live

The Seer: Bass (2015) +++ Live

Lord Grom: Bass (2006-07, 2014) +++ Live

Marbas: Drums (2006-07) +++ Live

Holocaust Inferni: Vocals (2006) +++ Live

Obscure Manifesto/Zephon: Drums (2000-05) +++ Shield of Hate (2004), Storms of Apocalypse (2001)
Necrosadist: Vocals (2003-05) +++ Shield of Hate (2004)

Von: Guitar (2004-05) +++ Live

No-0ne: Vocals (2002) +++ Live

Demonian: Vocals: (2001-02) +++ Past Battles (2015/2001)

Machine: Guitar (2001-02) +++ Past Battles (2015/2001)

Mordranok: Drums (1998-2000) +++ Marching Towards Armageddon (2000)



Marching Towards Armageddon (Demo 2000)

Storms of Apocalypse (CD 2001) Forever Underground Records

Shield of Hate (Promo 2003)

Shield of Hate (CD 2004) Forever Underground Records/Crash Music INC.

Rivers of Blood/Feed Them to the Wolves (Demo 2009)

Rust in Hell (Demo 2014)

Past Battles (2015 Live album) *2000-01 recordings

Rust In Hell (CD 2016) Captorvision Productions


-From Hell (CD 2002) Dark Reign Recordings
-Return of Darkness and Evil Festival (VHS 2001) Beware/K.E.P.


Bloodthrone's first live performance was February 6th, 1999 at Backstreets, in Haledon, New Jersey sharing the stage with Disciples of Mockery, and Evoken.

Other notable fests include: Deathstock, NYC Nov 2000 - The Return of Darkness & Evil, NJ Jul 2001 - Milwaukee Metal Fest, WI Aug 2001 - Metal Meltdown, Asbury Park, NJ Apr 2002 - Death in the Forest Fest, NYC May 2006 - The Hellfire Manifest, Huntsville, AL Aug 2006 - Milwaukee Blackened Fest II Nov 2016.

Captor organized 2 fests in New Jersey - The Destroyer of the Gods Fest (June 05) & Show No Mercy Fest (Sept 05).

The first pre-Bloodthrone recordings were made in 1996 with Captor's Chicago based black metal band Nihasa. The demo song Mysterion would become the title track Storms of Apocalypse on the debut album 2001. Most of the songs that would make up Bloodthrone's debut album were created by Captor in the fall of 1996. The band was formed in New Jersey in March of 1998 and shortly carried the name "Bleeding Throne". The first official demo "Marching Towards Armageddon" was recorded in Dec 2000. Bloodthrone would continue to slay the east coast with it's relentless live assaults and record 2 full length albums into the fall of 2005.

With melodic influences from old school 80's metal in its roots crossing over to the powerful raw and primitive style black metal of the nineties. Using intricate guitar harmonies in place of keyboards and creating the balance of power between high-strung melodies and raw brutal attack riffing. Along with aggressive barbaric drum assaults, screaming vocal blasphemy, and lyrics straight from apocalyptic hell the sound of Bloodthrone cannot be compared too.

The band has since been reformed in 2006 by band founder Captor- current vocalist/ lead guitarist in his homeland of Chicago.

Bloodthrone went on to play and headline shows and festivals in 2006-07. In 2009 two new demo songs were recorded and streamed online - Rivers of Blood and Feed Them to the Wolves..

Bloodthrone returns with a new lineup and records new demo track entitled Rust in Hell. Released on Oct 13th, 2014. Bloodthrone made it's mighty comeback return show @ Gasthaus in Elgin on Oct 18th, 2014..

The 3rd Bloodthrone album "Rust in Hell" was recorded through the nuclear winter of 2015-2016 and has been unleashed on Aug 6th 2016 on Captorvision Productions.