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Past Battles

Apr 8, 2017 Bloodthrone "Rage Of Armageddon Fest 4" @ Paper Box w/ Eliminate, Atrophy, Malignancy, Blood Feast, Cardiac Arrest, Teloch Vovin, The Hudson Horror, Anthropic, & Gamaliel Brooklyn, NY
Nov 5, 2016 Bloodthrone "Milwaukee Blackened Fest II" @ The Metal Grill w/ Xasthur, Nevalra, Subjucation, Luciferum, Chaosophy, Infernal Altar, Terranaut, Suffer In Black, & Auxeptheon. Cudahy, WI
Oct 1, 2016 Bloodthrone "Satan's Nightmare Fest" @ Soprano's Lounge w/ Witchcross, Psychomancer, Pitchfork, & Grainshifter Griffith, IN
Aug 6, 2016 Bloodthrone "Rust in Hell" album release @ Reggies w/ Quinta Essentia, Epoch of Unlight, & Psychomancer Chicago, IL
Aug 5, 2016 Bloodthrone / Quinta Essentia - Record release listening party @ Metal Haven Grill Chicago, IL
Jul 23, 2016 Bloodthrone "Festival of the Witch" @ Chicago Star Bar w/ Witchcross, Hellgrind, Screamking, Reign, & more... Chicago Ridge, IL
Apr 2, 2016 Bloodthrone @ Livewire w/ Krigsgrav, Giant of the Mountain, Vukari Chicago, IL
Dec 4, 2015 Bloodthrone @ Nitecap w/ Advorsa, Cryptic Oath Chicago, IL
Jun 27, 2015 Bloodthrone @ Livewire w/ Psychomancer, Witchcross, Purge, Inner Decay, Godless Rising Chicago, IL
Jun 6, 2015 Bloodthrone @ Bada Brew w/ Hugin Munin, Psychomancer, The Everscathed, Our Days End Crest Hill, IL
May 23, 2015 BLOODTHRONE @ Gausthaus w/ Beyond De-th, Abyssal, Cereviscera Elgin, IL
May 1, 2015 Bloodthrone @ Medusa's w/ Abyssal Elgin, IL
Mar 21, 2015 Bloodthrone @ Gasthaus w/ Ezurate, Abyssal, Ephinepic, Genotype Elgin, IL
Jan 24, 2015 Bloodthrone @ Gasthaus w/ Abyssal, Return to Flesh, Cereviscera, Pale Horseman Elgin, IL
Oct 29, 2014 Bloodthrone @ Livewire w/ Withering Soul, Ditheist Chicago, IL
Oct 18, 2014 Bloodthrone "The Return" @ Gasthaus w/ Abyssal, Scars of Armageddon, Return to Flesh Elgin, IL
Mar 31, 2007 Bloodthrone @ YOTI w/ Ezurate, Genocya, Black Trinity Mount Prospect, IL
Oct 26, 2006 Bloodthrone @ Liar's Club Chicago, IL
Aug 26, 2006 Bloodthrone "The Hellfire Manifest" @ Benchwarmer w/ Bloodstained Dusk, Monstrosity, Ezurate, Hellwitch and more.. Huntsville, AL
Jul 29, 2006 Bloodthrone "Homecoming Rust" @ YOTI w/ Ezurate, Blutige Nacht, Mordrid Mount Prospect, IL
May 20, 2006 Bloodthrone "Death in the Forest Fest" @ Speed w/ Vital Remains, Skinless, Impaled, Anal Cunt, Quinta Essentia & more. NYC, NY
Sep 10, 2005 Bloodthrone @ "Show No Mercy Fest" @ Connections w/ Lords of Apocalypse, Sacristy, Fecal Corpse, Regalia, Eternity Void, Sacrificial Blood Clifton, NJ
Jun 11, 2005 Bloodthrone "Destroyer of the Gods Fest"@ Hartly's w/ Ezurate, Sacristy, Amorte, March to Victory, Eternity Void, Coronach. North Arlington, NJ
Jun 4, 2005 Bloodthrone @ Metal Kingdom w/ Mortem, Inquistion, Dimentianon, Discordia, Villians, Gnosis Queens, NY
Apr 2, 2005 Bloodthrone "Apocalyptic Warlords Ride Again" @ Connections w/ Regalia & more. Clifton, NJ
Dec 18, 2004 Bloodthrone "Black Xmas Fest" @ Connections w/ Goreaphobia, Engorge, Wulfgrave, Crowned in Semen, Amorte Clifton, NJ
Dec 15, 2004 Bloodthrone "Surprise pre-Black Xmas" @ Connections w/ more.. Clifton, NJ
Oct 31, 2004 Bloodthrone "Halloween Metalfest" @ The Pyramid w/ Black Harvest, Diminished, and more.. NYC, NY
Sep 25, 2004 Bloodthrone "Autumn Equinox Fest" @ Connections w/ Bloodstained Dusk, Engorge, Methadrone, Sacristy, Obliteration, Dimentianon Clifton, NJ
Sep 16, 2004 Bloodthrone "Shield of Hate CD release" @ The Bat Cave w/ Amorte, Black Harvest, Gnosis, Diminished, Obliteration NYC, NY
Aug 20, 2004 Bloodthrone "The Return" @ The Hook w/ Gnosis, Grotesqueuphoria, Demois, Scorched Earth Brooklyn, NY
Apr 7, 2002 Bloodthrone @ L'Amour w/ Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Pissing Razors, Incantation Brooklyn, NY
Apr 5, 2002 Bloodthrone "Metal Meltdown" @ Asbury Park Convention Center w/ Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Arch Enemy, Nuclear Assault, Manowar, Putrilage, Deteriorot and more.. Asbury Park, NJ
Apr 4, 2002 Bloodthrone @ Connections w/ Beheaded, Putrilage, Leukorreah, Divine Rapture Clifton, NJ
Oct 5, 2001 Bloodthrone @ L'Amour w/ Enthroned, Blood Storm, Abazagorath, Sol Evil, Aphelion Brooklyn, NY
Aug 10, 2001 Bloodthrone "Milwaukee Metalfest" @ Milwaukee Convention Center w/ Gorgoroth, Ezurate, Theatre of the Macabre, Bloodstained Dusk, and more.. Milwaukee, WI
Jul 14, 2001 Bloodthrone "Return of Darkness & Evil Fest" @ Connections w/ Grand Belial's Key, Black Witchery, Profanatica, Abazagorath, Hemlock, Engorge, Black Mass, Fog, Perverseraph, Krieg, The Forgotten. Clifton, NJ
Jun 28, 2001 Bloodthrone " Storms of Apocalypse CD release" @ Connections w/ Krieg, Abazagorath, George is Dead Clifton, NJ
Apr 21, 2001 Bloodthrone "Gods of Blasphemy Fest" @ The Underworld w/ Grand Belial's Key, Goreaphobia, Abazagorath, Engorge Stroudsburgh, PA
Apr 12, 2001 Bloodthrone @ Connections w/ Engorge, Algol, S.P.O.R.E. Clifton, NJ
Mar 8, 2001 Bloodthrone "Surprise show w/ new members" @ Connections w/ Exuviate Clifton, NJ
Nov 11, 2000 Bloodthrone "Deathstock 2000" @ Wetlands w/ Dark Funeral, Enslaved, Cryptopsy, Vital Remains, Lamb of God, Forest of Impaled, God Below, Mutilation, Ceremonium NYC, NY
Nov 5, 2000 Bloodthrone @ Met Cafe w/ Bloodstorm, Abazagorath, Engorge Providence, RI
Nov 4, 2000 Bloodthrone "Autumn Equinox Fest" @ Connections w/ Vital Remains, Blood Storm, Abazagorath, Engorge Clifton, NJ
Jul 31, 2000 Bloodthrone @ Wetlands w/ Mayhem, Hate Eternal, Exhumed, Funebrarum NYC, NY
Jun 17, 2000 Bloodthrone @ Hartly's w/ The Chasm, Gorepahobia (reunion show), The Black Metal Gods North Arlington, NJ
Dec 15, 1999 Bloodthrone @ Connections w/ Mortician, Peverseraph, Engorge, Kabal Clifton, NJ
Jul 17, 1999 Bloodthrone @ Backstreets w/ Mortician, Ezurate, Engorge, Apotheosis Haledon. NJ
Jun 26, 1999 Bloodthrone @ Backstreets w/ Mortician, Engorge Haledon. NJ
May 13, 1999 Bloodthrone @ Obessions w/ Mortician, Malignancy, Abazagorath, The Death Kids Randolph, NJ
Apr 23, 1999 Bloodthrone @ Love Sexy w/ Engorge, Unhallowed Hoboken, NJ
Mar 6, 1999 Bloodthrone @ Backstreets w/ Gouge Haledon. NJ
Feb 6, 1999 Bloodthrone @ Backstreets w/ Evoken, Disciples of Mockery Haledon. NJ