Rust in Apocalypse

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We are BLOODTHRONE... Est 1998




Bloodthrone plays apocalyptic blackend rust metal forging elements of black, death, thrash, & speed metal with strength, aggression, and intergrity. No limits.. No boundaries.. No trends..


The storms formed and began over New Jersey in March of 1998, now after releasing two full length albums and many live battles the journey has brought Bloodthrone to Chicago since 2006. The storms return with a vegeance in 2014 with a new reformed elite lineup and the recording of the band's newest song "Rust in Hell". Bloodthrone made it's mighty return to the stage on Oct 18, 2014 @ Gasthaus in Elgin, IL.

Bloodthrone's 3rd full length album "Rust In Hell" was recorded through the nuclear winter of 2015-16 and has been unleashed on Aug 6th, 2016 on Captorvision Productions. 

Bloodthrone have established a name for themselves in the underground, having played 50+ concerts/festivals with acts such as:

  • Mayhem (NOR)
  • Dark Funeral (SWE)
  • Enslaved (NOR)
  • Enthroned (BEL)
  • Gorgoroth (NOR)
  • Cannibal Corpse (FL)
  • Manowar (NY)
  • Nuclear Assault (NY)
  • Inquisition (WA)
  • Mortem (BRA)
  • Profanatica (NY)
  • Incantation (PA)
  • Exhumed (CA)
  • Hate Eternal (FL)
  • Vital Remains (RI)
  • Mortician (NY)
  • Malignancy (NY)
  • Blood Storm (PA)
  • Cryptopsy (CAN)
  • Atrophy (CA)
  • Eliminate (CA)
  • Evoken (NJ)
  • Abazagorath (NJ)
  • Funebrarum (NJ)
  • Disciples of Mockery (NJ)
  • Krieg (NJ)
  • Forest of Impaled (IL)
  • Blood Stained Dusk (AL)
  • Quinta Essentia (AL)
  • Ezurate (IL)
  • Sacristy (NY)
  • Hugin Munin (BRA)
  • Grand Belial's Key (PA)
  • The Chasm (IL)
  • Black Witchery (FL)
  • Beheaded (GRE)
  • Goreaphobia (PA)
  • And more...